Linwood SSPAC

       Student Support Parent Advisory Committee

Our Mission

The mission of the SSPAC is to promote understanding, respect, and support for all children with special needs in our community. Together, we will work to:

1) Promote a network of parents of children with special needs and provide the forum to share information.

2) Advise the Supervisor of Special Education on the operation and development of special services programs, parent and teacher training needs, and to help develop and review policy.

3) Promote communication and programs within the community to encourage understanding, acceptance and inclusion.

4) Provide information forums to parents, educators, students and professionals.

What we are working on

In the spring semester, the SSPAC is working on contributing to the 2024-2029 stragetic planning commitee for Linwood Schools. We are also working on creating an IEP/504 Plan workshop. Please check our events tab to join us for our next meeting or event!